Dream Peace: When God Speaks

Dream Peace: When God Speaks

by Sandra Cerda

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When God Speaks: A Scriptural Journey on Dream Interpretation

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God communicates through languages of love, with dreams being one of those languages. All throughout the Scriptures, evidence is clear that the Lord speaks, appears, encourages, comforts, warns, directs, calms, instructs and more all through the tongue of Divinely inspired dreams.

Interestingly, dreams act like road maps; charts, if you will. We receive from God, the gifts of knowledge, skill, wisdom and understanding in all learning, visions and dreams, according to the Scriptures (Dan. 1:17). By receiving these from the Lord, we can be confident when charting, or deciphering dreams, that our accuracy comes from the Lord, and the message is not our own vain attempt to interpret.

These gifts from God are the necessary tools used in distinguishing dreams that are intended to be meaningful and helpful, and those that simply are not.

With all the counterfeits to Dream Interpretation on the market today through New Age, Cults, Witchcraft, & other Spiritualism's it is increasingly evident that the Body of Christ is bombarded with half-truths or completely false information on "how to" interpret this supernatural, spiritual phenomenon.

Our need to know, combined with our sheer fascination with the spirit world has served as an opportunity for the undisciplined or impatient to gain "quick fix" information, be it watered down.

For those of us who truly know Dream Interpretation is not a "craft", but rather a gift from God, we need Scriptural backing and accuracy, and are more than willing to wait upon the Lord for it. This book will help you in your journey, as well as others in obtaining help and comfort.

Accurately interpreted, dreams serve as an aid to healing in pastoral counseling and personal ministry.

Not all dreams are from God. Scripturally, "...a dream comes through the multitude of business; and a fool's voice is known by the multitude of words" (Eccl. 5:3). A fool's voice is equaled to an idle dream interpretation. Acknowledging this will ensure a more balanced and healthy approach to our interpretation of dreams.

Dream Peace: When God Speaks Sandra Cerda


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